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JDM Nissan Skyline/RX-7/Supra for sale in Japan. Import Nissan SKYLINE GTR R32/R33/R34/Toyota Supra/Mazda RX-7 from Japan

Although we daily receive several sports and classic cars to our inventories, this time we want to share with you some of the unique vehicles we recently added to our Nagoya Port Inventory. Check out those beauties and never hesitate to make inquiries for the vehicles you want to import from Japan. We assure your highest satisfaction with our services!

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GTR R34 V Spec II Nür – only 750 of them were ever produced!

Import JDM cars/Nissan Skyline from Japan

We are the top Japanese sports and classic cars exporter in Japan and deliver your dream vehicle to anywhere in the world. With the largest actual stock of JDM sports and classic cars, we also have an exclusive partnership rights of Japanese domestic sports car dealers to export their cars to our customers worldwide. So if you are a fan of Japanese sports or classic cars and would like to import one Japan, never hesitate to contact as we are ready to achieve your highest satisfaction with the quality and competitiveness of our products and service.