Learn how to import Skyline to USA

Skyline GTR sale in USA

Are you in the market to buy a Nissan Skyline, GTR R32, Hakosuka KC10, KPGC10, Honda NSX, Toyota Soarer or any other JDM sports or classic vehicle? Then you are in the right place! JDM EXPO Co., Ltd. is a leading specialized exporter of JDM sports and classic cars around the globe and delivers as well as can issue a registration and license plate of your dream car in anywhere in the USA!

We all fondly remember the 1990s for our nostalgia of the golden age of the Japanese sports cars as during that time Japanese car manufacturers started producing some the rarest and the most iconic sports cars of all time. Now, after almost two and half decades has passed, time for USA JDM car lovers has come to enjoy the ride in one of those nostalgic Japanese vehicles. This is because of the fact that vehicles that exceed 25 years of age limit are considered as regulation free to import into the United States and no more required to pass through a mountain of red tape and costly modifications to legally see the roads in the United States.

Specifically speaking, according to NHTSA regulations, 25 years old cars can be lawfully imported into the USA without any complies with the regulations of FMVSS. Also, EPA regulations state that if a vehicle is 21 years old, there are no EPA compliance requirements required upon importation. This means that currently JDM EXPO can easily deliver your dream vehicle such as Nissan Skyline, GTR R32, Nissan Silvia S13, Honda NSX, and Toyota Soarer and many others to anywhere in the Unites States since those vehicles are considered as 100% exempt from EPA and FMVSS regulations.

However, this is just a beginning! In the years to follow, more iconic JDM vehicles such as Toyota MR2, Mitsubishi GTO, Honda Prelude, GTR R33, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7, Mitsubishi Eclipse, NSX Type R, Nissan 240SX, GTR R34 and many others will be on our list of YES do delivery to the United States. At JDM EXPO, with over 36 years of business experience in the Japanese automotive industry, we already have developed the most efficient and effective custom search and purchase system of the local sports and classic vehicles. Accordingly, we have the largest stock of JDM sports and classic cars in the world in six of our major lots in Nagoya, Japan. We are also well-known as an exclusive exporter of Japanese domestic car dealerships and have a direct partnership access to their vehicle inventories. If you are interested in purchasing your dream JDM sports or classic car, no longer hesitate to buy it directly from Japan as importing process has become so much easier with our services while we offer unbeatable market prices.

Skyline GTR sale in USA

import Skyline GTR R32 to USA

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